The South African Association of Botanists was established for the advancement of Botany, to promote and uphold the status of this profession in all sectors of the population, and to perform such functions as may be desirable for the attainment of these objectives. The association does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed or class, and is committed to removing any such barriers to the exercise of the profession.

Changes in management this year see Kevin Balkwill step down as President and replaced by Paul Hills. The SAAB Council is composed of nine members (Click here to view the nine members).

The society has an active body of student participants.  You can read more about their activities on Facebook (Click here). We hold an annual congress and student participation is strongly encouraged. In fact, those who attended the SAAB Conference become automatic members of SAAB for the year in which they attended the congress and receive the SAABNet emails.

SAABnet is our list server for communication of SAAB matters. Only subscribed members will be able to send (and receive) emails via SAABNet. Members have a platform to freely advertise botany related bursaries/jobs, conference announcements and/or other botany related matters. Learn more about becoming a member of SAAB and how to join this prestigious botanical society here.

The society represents a wide range of academic botanical disciplines and our members are located at different South African universities, academic and research institutions. These are distributed throughout the entire country and members are actively engaged in various aspects related to botany in their home institutions (for details refer to Botanical departments and research institutions).

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