The South African Journal of Botany publishes original papers that deal with the classification, biodiversity, morphology, physiology, molecular biology, ecology, biotechnology, ethnobotany and other botanically related aspects of species that are of importance to southern Africa. Manuscripts dealing with significant new findings on other species of the world and general botanical principles will also be considered and are encouraged.

The South African Journal of Botany is published by Elsevier publishing house with all the accompanying benefits to Authors, for example:

  • no page charges
  • rapid online publication with Articles in Press
  • free use of colour to enhance your article online
  • free offprints
  • 30% discount on Elsevier books
  • large international readership
  • contents alerting services distributed globally
  • personalised citation alerts on ScienceDirect
  • world-wide marketing and exhibitions
  • author service and support with Author Gateway

The above services are of great benefit to those publishing in our local Journal, which is the official journal of the South African Association of Botanists. We have a very experienced international Editorial Board and it is hoped that Refereeing and Publication time will be shortened and cut to a minimum.

Download the Editor’s reports:

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