Webinar series 2022- Recordings

Webinar 1: Prof. Brian Huntley (SAAB Gold medalist 2022)

Strategic Opportunism for Success in Biodiversity Programmes: Lessons Learned from Pragmatic Approaches in Southern Africa.


Conventional studies and training offered by universities provide very limited preparation for the real world of a professional career in botany and conservation biology. This talk will draw on over fifty years of experience as a botanist, project developer and institutional transformer in several southern African countries, and in ecosystems ranging from the Subantarctic tundra to the Congo rain forests. The period covered spans the years of Portuguese colonial administration of Angola, South Africa’s isolation during the era of grand Apartheid, to the great leap forward of the Mandela years. The emergence and growth of South Africa’s leadership in botany, terrestrial ecology and biodiversity conservation that occurred during challenging and ever-changing socio-political conditions demonstrates the ever-present opportunities available to young biologists, even during difficult times.

Webinar: Prof Brian Huntley
Webinar: Prof Brian Huntley, Question and Answer session