To be or not to be a SAAB member – what are the benefits of membership?

  1. Membership of one of the most highly-regarded professional scientific societies in the country. SAAB provides a forum for professional botanists to interact with their colleagues on a regular basis and freely exchange ideas and information. You get access to our SAABnet email user group where bursaries/job advertisements/conference arrangements etc. can be distributed quickly.
  2. SAAB organizes an annual conference, providing an opportunity for professionals to report on their research activities and for students to interact on a national (often also international) level and compete for a number of very prestigious awards. Such a conference can only be held under the auspices of a recognized society such as SAAB. Registration fees of these conferences are reduced for SAAB members. Students who register for the conference automatically become SAAB members for that year.
  3. The SA Journal of Botany is currently published by Elsevier. The journal usually consists of more than 600 published pages of which about 40% are from authors outside South Africa.

Who qualifies to become a SAAB member?

  • Ordinary membership is focused on individuals with a minimum academic qualification of a three year bachelor’s degree with Honours in Botany or related science (or a four year degree with a major in a plant-related science) and who are active in their fields.
  • Students studying for their MSc and PhD degrees are encouraged to join.
  • Provision is made in the form of Affiliate membership for people whose work is connected with botany but who do not have the academic qualification for ordinary membership.
  • Ordinary members who have been corporate members in good standing for at least five years, may upon retirement from salaried employment apply to become Emeritus Members and will be exempt from payment of any further subscriptions.

Annual membership fees are as follows:

  • R250 Ordinary
  • R250 Affiliate
  • R125 Student
  • Emeritus (gratis)

To join or renew your SAAB membership please fill-in  Application Form and email to the Secretary <>