Meet the SAAB President

Associate Professor Glynis Goodman-Cron

Glynis Goodman-Cron is an associate professor at the University of the Witwatersrand in the School of Animal, Plant and Environmental Sciences, and is Curator of the C.E. Moss Herbarium (J). She lectures at a variety of levels (from first year to MSc) in courses concerning Plant Diversity, Systematics, Evolution and Biogeography. She is the current SAAB president (from January 2021 to January 2023).

Prof. Glynis Goodman-Cron completed her PhD in 2005 at Wits University, wherein she revised the genus Cineraria in the tribe Senecioneae of the Asteraceae (daisy family). She based her revision on molecular phylogenies and morphology, as well as extensive morphometric studies of some species complexes; she also assessed the biogeography and conservation status of the various species. She received the SAAB Bronze Medal for her PhD thesis – a great honour.

Her current research encompasses a range of interests – from systematics to biogeography to reproductive ecology.  In the area of systematics, she has described four new genera and eleven new species – most within the Senecioneae, but also in the forest gymnosperm, Gnetum (Gnetaceae). She has a special interest in the biodiversity of the Drakensberg Mountain Centre and in the drivers of speciation within this region. This has resulted in a number of studies on the small endemic and near-endemic genera of the region, such as Craterocapsa, Rhodohypoxis, Killickia, Glumicalyx and Galtonia, as well as on the largest genus in the region, Helichrysum. Studies on the reproductive ecology of some rare and/or threatened plants have included the pepperbark tree, the African baobab, as well as some local Aloe species. Her research has extended to an applied use morphology and molecular tools to distinguish invasive alien plants and their hybrids from indigenous species (e.g. in the salt cedar, Tamarix), and examining the ploidy and reproductive modes of the highly invasive pompom weed (Campuloclinium macrocephalum).

Glynis Cron has published 47 papers in international and local journals, and has supervised and graduated three PhD students, 15 MSc students and 21 Honours students, with six current MSc students. She has served on the South African National Plant Checklist Committee, various NRF panels, and reviewed NRF project and ratings applications. She currently serves as a Review Board Editor for the South African Journal of Botany (since 2013) and also reviews articles for a range of International and local journals.