Each year the South African Association of Botanists awards “SAAB Scholarships”, to SADEC graduates with 70% or above grade average. In 2022, three awards of R12 000 for 1 year of tertiary study at Honours level (or 4th year level of study) in any botanically-related science will be granted to three registered students, on a competitive basis. The successful applicants should study at a South African institution and should be (or apply to become) a member of SAAB. The supervisor of the student must be a paid-up member of SAAB.
In addition, the SAAB Council also awards one MSc scholarship worth R40 000 per year. Successful applicants will receive R20 000 the first year and an additional R20 000 the following year if satisfactory progress is made the first year. The same terms and conditions as for the Honours scholarship apply, except that the applicants must have graduated with a BScHonours degree with a minimum grade average of 70%.

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