SAAB Webinar Programme 2021

20 January:   Dr. Blair Cowie (saab Bronze medal winner 2021):

Famine Weed: Understanding the invasion and controls

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27 January:  Prof. Timm Hofmann (SAAB silver medal winner 2021):

Rethinking catastrophe. Historical trajectories and modelled future vegetation change in southern Africa.

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17 February:  Zaynab Shaik (SAAb best young scientist awardee 2020):

Unravelling the evolution of the Cape flora’s endless forms most beautiful: a next-gen approach.

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17 March: 

To be confirmed.

21 April:  Prof. Bob Scholes:

Taking an ecosystems view.

The science of ecology has always sat rather uncomfortably between the academic disciplines of botany, zoology, microbiology, geography, but the way the Earth System works is no respecter of university structures. The environmental challenges of the 21st century have forced both science and policy to raise their focus from the particular to the systemic, but very frequently our student training equips us inadequately for this change in perspective. What are the essential tools and concepts that have emerged over the past three decades that could help us to avoid dysfunctional futures?

19 May:  Prof. Serban Proches:  

Global Plant Geography (title to be confirmed).

23 June:  Prof. Dr. Jake Alexander:  

Plant range expansions in mountains.

Presenting work on non-native species from the MIREN network ( and on native species responding to changing climate. 

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