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Pollination is often disregarded as a process that determines vegetation patterns and processes. However, pollination can be an important niche axis in plant communities, shaping plant community structure and dynamics. Such roles of pollination niches should be more important in low pollination environments where pollinators are a scarce resource for plants. In this talk, I will present results showing the role of pollination in shaping plant-plant interactions from a low pollination environment, the Brazilian highland grasslands. In sum, pollination niches were important in maintaining plant diversity by conferring advantages to rare plants while disadvantages to abundant ones. Nevertheless, such patterns depended on the pollinator group (i.e. bees, flies or hummingbirds) and on the pollination success component (i.e. pollen receipt onto stigmas vs. pollen removal from anthers). Based on these results, we support pollination as an important niche axis in plant communities that should be accounted for when investigating vegetation patterns and processes.

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